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?Google Play version versus directly downloadable version

The Synthesis SyncML Client for Android exists as STD and PRO version at the Google Play (former Android Market) and directly downloadable from the Synthesis web page. The technical features of the two variants are identical, they can't be exchanged however. The licenses CAN'T BE EXCHANGED between the two variants. Furthermore Google does not allow an upgrade path from LITE to STD to PRO for the Android Market version.

The Google Play version does not require a license key, as the Google Play system is providing its own license mechanism. Therefore this version has no regisitration menu.

The difference between the two variants is visible at the icon: The Google Play version contains a green Android, the directly downloadable version does not.

The Google Play version has a built in notification for newer versions, where the Non-Market-Version is checking the Synthesis web page for updates weekly.