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Synthesis SyncML DEMO servers

Synthesis SyncML DEMO Servers are free versions of the Synthesis SyncML server. They have the entire functionality of the STD and PRO servers, except for the database interface which uses simple TAB separated text files as database backend (whereas the STD and PRO servers can directly access SQL/ODBC and custom plugins). The DEMO servers are available as standalone versions only (running as a simple console application).


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Microsoft Windows

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Linux for x86 / x86_64

Linux for x86 / x86_64 family processors

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Mac OS X Universal Binary

Mac OS X Universal Binary (runs natively on both PowerPC and x86 family processors)

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Synthesis SyncML products evaluation

Synthesis SyncML Server and Client products with SQL/ODBC/SQLite/Plugin database interface can be evaluated for free during 60 days (more upon request).

If you are a registered user of this website (registration is free, see below), you can now directly request a free 60-day evaluation license that will immediately be sent to you by email.

As a registered user, you can always download the most recent version of the server and client software as PRO or STD versions for all supported platforms, as well as the latest Synthesis SyncML SDK yourselves.

To get access to these downloads and to the free evaluation license, you need to login at our website - you can register for free if you don't have a login yet.

For your reference you can download the documentation as PDF documents below (however these documents are also contained in the respective product downloads)



Infos for all Platforms