Synthesis AG - SyncML Client and Server Solutions

About SyncML

SyncML is a platform and transmission media independent protocol for data synchronization. We think that intelligent data synchronization is an important concept for present and future (mobile) computing (see also Technology section). Thanks to the SyncML standard, non-proprietary data synchronization is possible today.

Synthesis SyncML Products

Synthesis SyncML Framework Block Diagram

SyncML Client Products

SyncML clients for mobile devices (Android, iOS, PalmOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8)

SyncML Server Products

SyncML Servers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X with ODBC and custom plugin (C/C++/Java) database interface

Synthesis SyncML SDK

Synthesis SyncML SDK for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X for C/C++/Java/.net based custom SyncML application development